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- Complete knowledge of all knitting techniques from hand to seamless automatic machine knitting, yarn technology and yarn sourcing.
- Excellent communication skills and many years of experience liaising between Design, Merchandising, Sourcing, Manufacturing and Sales divisions.
- Expert hand- and hand-frame knitter with an extensive personal swatch archive.
- Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Web-based PLM.


2013-present: owner of Knit Wallah-knitwear design and sourcing services

- Guiding companies to achieve perfect knitted product at the right price-point.
- Sourcing the most suitable manufacturers.
- Sourcing the most suitable yarns.

- Overseeing all technical aspects of the program.
- Clients: Woolrich, Rachel Antonoff, Four Objects, Aime Leon Dore, the James Dean Foundation.

2017-January 2018: Consultant for the New Woolen Mill Project at Woolrich PA

- Sourced yarns for the project to update and rationalize woven fabric production for the New Mill project at Woolrich Woolen Mills.
- Developed a new range of soft, washable woven fabrics (using the old Woolrich looms) - some at 1/3 of the previous Mill prices.

2013-2017: Woolrich Woolen Mills-Senior Sweater Design Developer (concurrently with Knit Wallah)
- Consulted with the Designers and Merchandisers to develop the Green Label and White Label sweater collections.

- Sourced/designed appropriate patterns and constructions for the brand.
- Sourced appropriate yarns (and developed new yarns to achieve revised costing, duty rates, appearance or hand-feel).
- Introduced performance attributes into a portion of the sweater collections by combining branded synthetics with natural fibers.
- Developed knitwear programs and collaborations using domestic manufacturing and USA yarn sources.

2000-2103: Woolrich WM-Senior Designer Men’s and Women’s Sweaters and Woven blankets
- Responsible for designing and guiding all sweater and blanket product for the wholesale label and consumer catalogue, first concept through production.

- Communicated with Merchandising, Sourcing, Production and also directly with all factories on all aspects of knitwear/woven blanket development.
- In charge of everything from initial concept boards, color palettes, yarn and stitch development, tech-packs, pattern graphs and cads, fittings and pricing.

- Worked closely with Product Development team to keep information technically accurate in the Woolrich PLM system.
- Established a sweater swatch archive at the Woolrich Mill and kept it updated.

- Traveled extensively to research the market and also visited factories in Asia to monitor prototype development.

- Women’s sweater sales doubled during this period.

1996-2000: 525 America-Senior Sweater Designer

- Responsible for designing all Men’s and Women’s sweater collections.
- Originally designed on the Shima machines at our own NJ factory but eventually relocated most of the manufacturing to China.



University of Manchester, UK: BA Honors degree in History of Art and the Applied Arts


Knitting in Peru

- Frequent trips to Lima in the last 6 years - sponsored by the Peruvian Trade Commission.
- I have placed multiple knitting programs with several factories there.

Knitting and Yarn Production in America

- Always searching for Knitting factories in this country, as well as USA-grown raw materials for domestic yarn production.
- Designed a luxury performance sweater collection on seamless Stoll machines in Long Island, using yarn made of eco-friendly raw materials grown in Wyoming and spun domestically.
- I imported Peruvian alpaca and knitted it into novelty yarns at a specialist factory in Upstate NY.

New automatic knitwear technology

- Member and regular visitor to the Stoll Knitting Center in NYC, using their archive to watch for new technical developments.
- Planning to visit the Kniterate HQ in London in June to review the new desktop auto machine which is about to launch.



- English, French and Spanish.

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