Developing knitwear isn't easy.  It's possible to spend a lot of time and money trying to make an idea turn into something which looks the way it's been imagined.  

The Knit Wallah swatch archive is vast and very diverse.  It helps you anticipate gauge, yarn type, weight, construction, pattern scale, hand-feel....practically everything.

You don't have to embroider a whip s
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why don't you knit a faux whip

stitch instead of embroidering it?

if it needs to be more outdoorsy,

how about some sort of tree-line?

Cables don't have to always be

symmetrical - look at this........

if you want to add texture, just

plate it with a slub cotton.......

the 2-colored jacquard looks a bit

flat - what about a hairy yarn?!

the 2-colored jacquard looks a bit

flat - what about a hairy yarn?!

to make it more "crafty", change

the pattern to hand-embroidery 

make the stripe chunkier-change 

to all-needle rib like this swatch 

to look vintage we could stone 

wash it - like this swatch...

can't decide between pointelle or

texture? this swatch has both... 

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